Happy Valentines Day!

     This week has been full of so many miracles, it has been crazy.
     Monday – We had to take our car into the shop because the sisters here a couple transfers ago got in an accident. We finally got permission and clearance to go get it fixed. Anyways, we were without a car for a couple days. I liked walking again, although it is super cold at night. So, we had this lesson with a less active man and we were hoping that the members there would take us to our other appointment up on top of the world, (that is the name of the street) They didn’t and they wanted to stay after the lesson with the less active man so we start walking and walking. There is a super long, steep hill in our area, and the quickest way for us to get up to our appointment. We start the climb and about half way up, our lesson cancels. Since we weren’t going to turn around then, we make it to the top. As we are sitting in the snow, we realize that our list of names was in the car, which was not with us. So, we decide to tract. There is this one house that always catches my attention when we drive around and so we decided to knock on it. This man and his wife open the door and he says, “I have been here for 2 years, I have been waiting for you to stop by.” Super exciting!! We went in and taught the restoration and we are going back this week for “Mormon book club” as he calls it 🙂
     Tuesday – Before I tell this story, I need to back up to last Sunday. We had gotten a text from our high councelor over missionary work telling us he had an investigator with him at church. Obviously, we rush over there and meet Mia, the sweetest girl. She wanted to take the lessons again. So we had a lesson with her on today. It was super spiritual. Mia was taking the lessons before but she stopped and realized she was not as close to God as she wanted to be. We are so lucky to be able to teach her some more. Before our lesson with Mia, we went and had a lesson with Lorena, another girl who we had contacted last week. At the end of her lesson, she started to sing a song to us, after explaining that Mormon songs are boring. It was the most awkward 3 minutes of my life.  We were able to pick her up as a new investigator as well. For those of you keeping count, that is 3 so far this week, and it only gets better from here.
     Wednesday – We had a really good lesson with John, a less active man. We weren’t sure what we wanted to teach him, so we ended up sharing Mountains to Climb, the Mormon Message. During the video, Sister Craig and I looked up to see him crying. It was a super spiritual lesson, and he just kept bearing his testimony. So good! We were walking home in the fog, and we kept freaking ourselves out. It was so scary.
      Thursday – The beginning of the day started out kind of blah. We went and got our car back so that was a good thing. Our dinner gave us key lime ice cream pie and we had to take it with us because we were running behind. So, we ate it in the car, without forks or spoons. It was so yummy. That was a totally random but I thought you should know we are being very well fed here. But, we had a lesson with Lorena and she accepted the invitation to be baptized!! We didn’t put her on date but that is the next step. It was super exciting!!!!!!
     Friday – Today started when Sister Craig woke me up by saying, “Sister Andrus, should we say a prayer?” I felt so bad because I had slept after the alarm went off. We kneeled up and started praying. Right before I started my personal prayer, Sister Craig asks, “Did the alarm even go off?” I don’t know so I check the time. It was 12:30 AM…. so we went back to bed. Needless to say, it was a long day. We spent a lot of time contacting people. Not a whole lot of interested people. We had dinner with this family, and they gave us lasagna. It was good, but then as we started to walk around and contact, we both started to get super sick. It was awful, but we still contacted as many people as we could before we went to our senior couples house to feel loved. I love senior couples.
     Saturday – So today, we had another lesson with Mia. We had texted her earlier this week to ask if she had read the scripture. She said she had, and she had read it to her family and highlighted her favorite verses. Super cute. Anyways, her sister Selma was at the lesson and we picked her up as a new investigator as well. AND… they both accepted the invitation to be baptized!! They both need parental permission, so prayers for their hearts to be softened would be much appreciated. I also realized I write more about the beginning of the week than the end. Oh well…
     Sunday – Selma and Mia showed up at church on Sunday. They both had their Book of Mormons and were following along with the speaker. It was super cute. Sundays for us are super long but we were able to go to Young Womens and teach and also taught a sunday school class. I love teaching youth. So, on Saturday we had gone and knocked some houses and we came across Thomas. He was going to the store and so told us to come back later. We didn’t have time so we went back today. He and his girlfriend let us in. We didn’t realize until later that we had interrupted their valentines date…. awkward. They were both a little drunk but we were able to teach them about the Book of Mormon and we picked them up as new investigators.. For those who still remember the beginning of the email, that makes a grand total of 6 NEW INVESIGATORS!! That is super exciting!! We have been praying for miracles this week and we have seen many of them.
    I love serving a mission, it is the best experience. I love my Savior! I love you all.
    Sister Andrus



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