Christmas Time is Here

sister andrus 146MERRY CHIRSTMAS!

     What a week! Let me start by introducing my new companion…. Sister Tonga from Tonga. She is pretty great and we have had a fun week getting to know each other. She has been out for over a year, and the first time she saw snow was last year. Although apparently that didn’t count, so her favorite thing to do is to stomp in all the slush on the side of the road. The snow was once beautiful but now it is all gross. For once in my life I wish it would snow again just so it can be pretty.
     This week was such a spiritually uplifting week. First off, was transfers and all the new missionaries got up to bear their testimonies, which brings such a sweet spirit to the meeting. When we finally got to the transfers,it was nice to feel like I actually knew what was going on… a little bit. I cannot believe it has been over a month, I feel like I just got here yesterday.
     In preparation for zone conference, we were able to go to the Salt Lake City Temple. Although I had just gone with Sister McArter, it was so nice to go back. The temple is such a wonderful, beautiful place and it is so comforting to be in the celestial room. I am so glad that my parents taught me to love the temple so much. I truly love to see the temple and go inside to recharge myself spiritually. Especially since I am taking over the area, and I have very little idea what I am actually doing, I was able to receive revelation for the area, which by the way is the coolest experience ever.
     Then, we had zone conferences. That was a wonderful day, full of marvelous trainings and talks from the leaders. Again, it is a great experience to receive revelation for the area and the people you are trying to teach. I took so many notes on how we can find people and help our investigators progress. Now, I just need to go decipher all my notes 🙂
     Last, and one the best was our Christmas Devotional. Elder and Sister Gay came and talked to us about Christmas, of course 🙂 Sister Gay talked about their experience following Spiritual promptings. She told us that we need to pray for courage to follow the promptings. That was especially pertinent to me because that is the hardest part of being on a mission is just going up and talking to people. Having courage to keep up the conversation is definitely something I will be working on. Elder Gay’s talk was all about the messages of Christmas. My favorite of the messages of Christmas is when the angel comes to Mary. She asks “How is this possible.” The angel responds, “With God, nothing is impossible.” (something along those lines) That goes right along with praying for confidence to talk with people. As we face the trials in our lives or the people who open the door, we can rely on Heavenly Father to help us.
     I don’t think I mentioned last week that we had a miracle concerning our new investigator. She has been so hard to contact, but finally, we got a date to teach her. My first time teaching an investigator!! and my only time with Sister McArter 🙂 Sister Tonga and I went back to stop in on her and ended up staying for over an hour trying to help her resolve some of her concerns. It is another wonderful experience to be teaching someone and have the Holy Ghost take over the lesson. I hardly remember what we said, since it was not us speaking.
     I love you all, have a Merry Christmas.
     Sister Andrus

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