Even More Miracles


Dear Family and Friends,

     This week has been one adventure after another. But first, we got 2 new investigators this week and have plans for 2 more this coming week. Our area is finally starting to pick up, after lots of fasting and prayers.
     Monday – After taking our naps, we headed out to finish the evening at the old folks home helping them with their FHE. The ladies in charge had forgotten that we agreed to help them and so last minute they had decided to watch Meet the Mormons (the last half) We had taken Shelley with us, and she was so touched by the last half, we are finally making plans to go with her to Temple Square and watch the whole movie. I am not sure I can even sit through a whole movie, I was so bored of sitting for just half of it. Oh well, that is the life of a missionary.
     Tuesday – We got our first new investigator today. Her name is Meg, and she is very well versed in the Bible. As Sister Tonga says, “She Bible slapped us…” It was a hard lesson because she had so many questions, but also had answers to those questions that were not the same as ours. Finally, we just bore our testimonies and she had no more to say. She really wants to learn but she also wants to make sure she understands every principle we teach. Many times, Sister Tonga had to tell her we were getting into deep doctrine, and we are just trying to teach the basics first. Thankfully, no one can argue with a testimony.
     Wednesday – Since we don’t have Reida’s phone number, we stopped by her house today to set up a time when we could  come back and teach her and her brother Saif. They are the sweetest people. Reida’s husband who is a member was there, and he was so excited for us to come back and teach them. As we were leaving, Saif says, “Don’t be scared sisters, I have a lot of questions, so be prepared for a wonderful discussion…” He really is the nicest man. We went back on Sunday to teach them… but more on that later. On Wednesday morning, we have a correlation meeting with one of the ward mission leaders and his wife. They are planning a trip to Portland. They kept asking me for ideas of what to do. I told them OMSI and the zoo. They asked which highway to talk and all that stuff. I just looked at them and said, “I know how to get there, but I don’t know what roads. Take the major road until you go through the tunnel and then go around the mountain a little bit and there is the zoo.” Our ward mission leader decided it would be best to just use google maps 🙂 I though the directions were pretty good.
    Thursday – We went out to knock some apartments that we know nothing about. We came across a family that let us in. I totally missed their last name during introductions but they were clearly members. So we got to talking and then it became very clear that they were less active. We were talking about an investigator and her problems with women and the Priesthood. We talked about church and all sorts of things. When we left, I asked Sister Tonga their name and she told me. We looked at our notes and say that they don’t go to church because the mom has problems with women and the priesthood. Oops. Oh well, I guess we will look at our notes before we go tracking next time 🙂
     Friday and Saturday we went on exchanges and so it was all a blur of new people until I got back in the area. We went to visit a less active lady in the rehab center in our area. She told us that she would no longer like us to come visit because she if going back to the Lutheran Church. Oh well…
     Sunday – This was the craziest day 🙂 We left church early so we could go teach Saif and Reida. As we were walking down the road, we could hear sirens and helicopters all around us. Since we are happy little missionaries, we didn’t think anything about it. We got to our lesson, and only picked up Saif as an investigator because Reida was walking around and working in the kitchen making us lunch. Anyways, Saif is has wonderful questions about Christ and His role in our lives. It was a powerful lesson. I love the Spirit. As we taught him about the fact that Christ sacrificed Himself because He loves us so much, something totally clicked with Saif. He agreed to pray and to ask Allah if Christ was actually more than a prophet. It was wonderful. Some members came over and we had lunch. As we were leaving to go back to another ward, they told us all the wards were cancelled because there had been a shooting right by the stake center. We spent the rest of the day with our senior couple until the zone leaders told us to go out and proselyte. We went out and then told them that the shooter’s girlfriend was still running around our area possibly with a gun. They told us to go home, but we went to the scene of the crime 🙂 It was such an Andrus thing to do but it was so cool. Greg would have loved it. No one worry, I think they might have caught the girl. We didn’t really think about it, but just walked around and met people.
     We have seen so many miracles this week. We see that by small and simple things are great things come to pass. There were so many small things this week that led to huge miracle for us. Prayer is real. We just ask for prayers for the officer who got shot on Sunday and for the family of the officer who was killed.
     Ofa atu.
     Sister Andrus



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