Dear Family and Friends,

     What a week! It was certainly a very finding centered week. We knocked doors almost everyday this week, which provided some very interesting stories 🙂 Our ward mission leaders have told us that the only way we will find people is to knock doors, so that is what we will do. As long as we have faith in miracles, we will find people. We came to a house that Sister McArter had knocked earlier this month. There was a lady there who said she would love to talk and pray with us, so we went back. Unfortunately, her daughter was home sick from school, so she wouldn’t let us in. She told us that she would text us if she wanted a visit. We were both a little sad, and figured she was just making an excuse. Well, the Lord definitely proved us wrong. Just this morning, she texted us and told us that she wanted those missionaries that had visited her earlier to come back. We will try to have more faith this upcoming week 🙂
     Later that day, we were trying to contact some less active families that we needed to visit. We knocked on the door and this little girl answered. She was so excited to see us, and when he dad came, she begged him to let us come back and teach the family. She told us “I just said I wanted to go back to church.” It was awesome, because the dad couldn’t say no because who can say no to their daughter?! My dad certainly can’t 🙂 When we left, we heard her running up the stairs yelling “MOM, GUESS WHAT!!!” It was a nice ending to a long day. That is how our week has been, long days but very rewarding nights. We have had a couple mad sprints down the mountain, trying to get home by 9:30 because someone will let us in to share a message right before 9.
     On Sunday, we went to the rehab center to attend the sacrament meeting they have there. It was very sweet to watch some of the men in their wheelchairs bless the sacrament. Before the meeting started, Sister McArter and I went around to get some of the residents to come. We asked Jamie to come, but she needed her pain pills before she could make it. So, we went back downstairs and were rearranging the chairs so her wheelchair could make it in. Of course, that was when the meeting started. We were making so much noise, and Sister McArter almost broke the table and the plant on it. And then to make matters worse, we both were overcome with the giggles, and were trying to be reverent but it certainly was not working. It ended up being a very wonderful meeting, focused on Thanksgiving and being thankful for everything.  That is something Sister McArter and I are working on this week. We are trying to be thankful for everything and all the small miracles that are happening.
     In our district meeting, our district leader was trying to encourage us all to have more faith. It is a real issue, because we are all getting a little discouraged. Anyways, he was talking about Moses, and the serpent on a stick. He told us that we needed to have faith like that. If Moses did not have faith that the serpent would work, but he held it up anyways, it would not have worked. Just like us, as missionaries, if we say that we have faith, but we don’t then we won’t find people. He said that because Moses had so much faith, he could have held up his left shoe and it would have worked. It certainly made sense to me, I hope I explained it well enough for you all to understand. We need to have more faith in everything. It is so important, especially since the world is getting worse and worse, we need to have our feet planted in the gospel, so we cannot be shaken. In Sunday school, the teacher was saying just how much we, as Later-Day Saints will be tested and tried, and we really need to know just who we are serving. There is no time to be on the fence, we must be part of God’s army.  Overall, it was a good week, full of small miracles.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, I love you all.
     Sister Andrus

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