Hit By a Truck

Dear Family and Friends,

Sister McArter perfectly described this week the other day. We had just gotten home and she was sprawled across her bed. “Why do I feel like I have been hit by a truck?” No, we did not get hit by a truck, but we have been going, non stop, for the entire week. The stake that we cover goes up a mountain, and we spend a good portion of everyday climbing that mountain so we could tract the houses up there, that no one ever goes to. There is only one actual active member that lives at the top, and so we knocked doors for days. It was great practice and provided for a lot of adventures and stories. By the end of the week, we spent a lot of time in uncontrollable, hysterical laughter on the side of the road. The new Christmas video came out, and we have been throwing the pass along cards at people, not really. I love Christmas time, especially on a mission because the people are a little more open to hearing a message about Jesus.

We had Stake Conference yesterday, and Elder Durham and his wife were there. He is a member of the Seventy and she is the second counselor in the General Primary Presidency. There messages were wonderful. Elder Durham talked about how the Lord sometimes gives us trials to teach us how to listen to the Spirit. That is so true. Especially on the mission. The other day, all of our lessons, both non members and active member lessons cancelled last minute, and so we spent the whole day walking from house to house and then knocking doors. We learned that when the Lord wants us in a place, He will make sure that we are there. Even if that means, we feel like we aren’t actually accomplishing a whole lot. Our new phrase has become, “I guess the Lord wants us to be somewhere else.” Sister Durham talked about how we have a labor to perform. That means that the Lord has an idea of what he wants us to accomplish and He will provide a way for us to do what He wants us to do. Both their messages were wonderful, but President Boyer, the Stake President, really hit the nail on the head. He started off by saying, “These are scary times!” That’s the truth. He went on to give us all instruction on how we can prepare for the times ahead. They are, 1) read the Book of Mormon in 2016 – by doing so, we will be able to strengthen our testimonies, and be stronger when the persecution comes. 2) “see” Jesus in sacrament meeting – meaning that when we come to sacrament meeting, we need to really appreciate the sacrament. Sacrament meeting is the most important meeting and we need to give it back to the Savior. 3)  go to the temple – I am so glad we get to go to the temple. Because Sister McArter is going home, I get to go to the temple with her and the other departing missionaries. Then, we have zone conference and get to go to the temple again. I love the temple, and I am so glad my parents set the example to me on just how important the temple is.

We had our Book of Mormon class on Sunday. I am not sure if I have talked about that but, we decided to start a Book of Mormon reading class for the youth in the stake. It was a little last minute. The night before, our district leader told us he was waiting on permission from his stake president before he and his companion started their class. Well, we never did ask for permission, so at Stake Conference, we asked for permission. A little late, but it is a class about the Book of Mormon so who could say no to that. That is another reason why we are so exhausted this week. We printed off flyers and then walked all over the stake inviting people to the class. Only four youth showed up, but they brought their parents. It was actually very nice to have a small group and the Spirit was so strong, it was worth it. Sunday was also Sister McArter’s birthday and so we had cake, dinner and then another dinner because everyone wanted to feed her. Oh Boy, it was more food than Thanksgiving, but we survived.

I love you all, THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!!


Sister Andrus


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