Holladay · MTC

Let It Begin!

january18 024-2Dear Family and Friends,

     This week has certainly been an interesting week. I don’t even know where to begin. I have no idea how to describe everything that has happened. I have already learned so much, and at the same time, learned that I know very little. Which, by the way, is a very humbling experience. But, first, I guess everyone wants to know where I am. I am serving in Holladay, Utah. My companion is Sister McArter, and she is from Texas. She is going home at the end of the transfer, which is only a 5 week transfer because of Christmas. So, she has been trying to tell her everything that she has learned in the past 18 months.
     Let me start with finishing up the last part of the MTC. I was definitely ready to leave, although I loved it there, but I was ready, very ready, but also not as ready as I thought. It was hard to say goodbye to the people in my district, and zone. When we got on the bus in the morning, we had to remind the bus driver that some of us were going to Salt Lake City, so we needed our luggage on the Front Runner with us. Apparently, they just load it all up and send it ahead to the airport. For a moment, the driver tried to tell us that he knew what he was doing, but we very kindly told him our mission was actually Salt Lake City East, and we needed our stuff. Then, everyone stressed how important it was that we very quickly took all the luggage off the Front Runner because we only had a minute at the stop. We almost knocked a few passengers down, as we shoved our luggage onto the platform 🙂 The first thing President Eberhardt said to me was, “Oh, Sister Andrus. You are the cousin. Elder Andrus was such a great missionary.” Sister Eberhardt said almost the same thing. After being trained, and fed, we went in to meet our companions. That was probably the most stressed out I have been. Everyone just sits and stares at you, for what seems like forever. Then, it is done and done, and you are given a companion, you grab your stuff and you start…
     Sister McArter and I cover and entire stake, which is five wards. Because of this, we spent most of the first two days doing correlation with the ward mission leaders. I learned so many names, and life stories, and maybe remember one or two of them. I think we met with someone from all five wards in the first couple days. Another thing the stake does is active member lessons. So, the missionaries teach active members all the lessons in Preach My Gospel. Although I don’t think that the members we taught actually learned anything from what I said. I did. I was a very nice experience to actually teach the lessons.
     We have two investigators, but I haven’t met them because they have cancelled. One of them is ready to be baptized, but is waiting until some legal issues are resolved. The other is always sick, and so even Sister McArter does not know where we are in teaching her. Our ward missionary leaders want us to go knocking doors. Yes, we do that in Utah. Sister McArter likes to say that ‘You never know what is behind the door.” And that is true, I do not know what is behind the doors, because no one has answered. The one person we ran into said he and his family was “done with Jesus.” Sister McArter just smiled and nodded her head, but the man turned and ran back into his garage. We are working on being more bold, and trying to bear our testimonies before they can run away 🙂
     One miracle did happen this week. Well more than one did, but this one is really awesome. Our area covers a rehab center, for old people and people who have had horrible accidents and things like that. Anyways, we were visiting a lady there who wants to be sealed to her husband, but does not remember anything about the church. We were also going to visit a lady who was hit but a truck. Her name is Jamie, and she is in her late twenties, early thirties. We tried to go into her room, but she wasn’t there, and her roommate was sleeping. So, on our way out, we were really bummed we didn’t get to meet her. Then, we saw a lady and a man, both in wheel chairs talking together. As we passed, they stopped us to tell us they likes out purses, and Sister McArter just blurted out, “Are you Jamie?” She was very surprised, but said that she was. We told her we had been looking for her, and she started to cry. Apparently, her fiance had broken up with her that morning, and she wanted someone to come and just talk with her. She loves to praise God, but she is having a hard time doing it because she is so sad. We talked for a couple minutes, but had to run to an appointment and told her we would be back. It was really amazing.
    Serving a mission is the best decision I have ever made. It has been so good, and I have only been out for a week. I am so excited to keep serving the Lord. I would suggest everyone go on a mission, it is really the best. I love you all.
     Sister Andrus

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