Let It Snow!

Dear Family and Friends,

     Well, it snowed here in Holladay, and I thought I should add that we are walking. We do not have a car. Which, for those of you who know my driving record, I am grateful we don’t have to drive in the snow 🙂 but walking is very very cold. But, it is a good thing, because people are more willing to let you into their house because they feel bad for you. Mostly, they just say they wish they could let you in because it is so cold, but still shut the door. The snow is melting, but then freezing at night, which has provided for some wonderful adventures. We actually stay very warm, with our tights, leggings and a couple pairs of socks.
      We went on exchanges this week. Sister Munoz and I just had a day of knocking doors, which was actually rather nice. She is so much better at street contacting than Sister McArter and I, so we also did a lot of that 🙂 There was a boy who we have been trying to get a hold of ever since I got here, but we always miss him, or just his mom is home. But, because exchanges bring miracles, we knocked on his door, and there he was. (He thought we were the pizza man, so he was a little disappointed) Before I continue, let me explain. Kayden is a young teenager who was a self referral. So, we thought someone was pulling a joke on him, but he is actually interested in the church. Anyways, he opens the door, and there we are, with no pizza. But, we gave him a Book of Mormon, and set up another time to meet with him. His mom was not home, but he was very eager for us to come back. #exchangemiracles
     Another goal we had on our exchange was to invite everyone and their dog to the Messiah performance. We did accomplish that. We were walking down the road, and there was a man fixing the telephone box. Sister Munoz stopped and started to do her little speech. He stopped her, and told us he wasn’t interested. Before he could turn around, the first thing out of my mouth was, “Have you heard of the Messiah?” He looked at me like of course I have. “Well, are you going?” He just stared, “You mean like Jesus Christ?” Now I was a little confused. “Yes? The Messiah is about Jesus Christ.” Well I am not going to give our entire conversation, but needless to say, he thought we were going to talk about Jesus, and we were inviting him to the performance. We should have just talked about Christ, but we were a little flustered, and he didn’t want to go to the Messiah.
     I learned something very interesting on Sunday. Apostles go to their home ward on Fast Sunday. Oh and by the way, Elder Renlund is in our stake, and we happened to be in his home ward on Sunday. There I was, greeting people and handing out programs when suddenly there he was, wanting a program. For like five seconds, I could not remember where I had seen him before, then it was like BOOM, this man is an apostle. So I gave him a program, shook his hand and all that good stuff. As soon as he went to sit down, I looked over at Sister McArter, who was at the other door, and she was freaking out (and probably wishing she had changed doors with me 🙂 Then, after church, she was stalking him trying to get a picture, but that is a completely different story. It was such a neat experience, the Apostles are really amazing.
     Thanksgiving was wonderful, we only had one main meal, but we ate smaller meals throughout the day. Everyone wanted us to come visit them and do this and that, but we were so busy, we only visited a couple of the widows in the stake. We have some wonderful ward missionaries in the 3rd ward, who drove us around and wanted to meet everyone. That was so much better than walking up and down the hills in the wind and snow. I hope everyone had an equally wonderful Thanksgiving. Sister McArter and I had to come up with a new challenge/game or whatever you would call it to help us stay positive. We were walking up a particularly long hill, and there was freezing rain and snow, and our lesson had just cancelled. Needless to say, we were a little frustrated. But, we just started to say things that we were grateful for. At first it was a stretch to come up with things because all we wanted to do was sit and give up for a couple minutes. By the end, we were having such a wonderful time, we hardly noticed the rain and snow. It was a great experience. We also had a Thanksgiving miracle. Since most people were home from work, we were able to meet with one of our investigators, who I hadn’t met before. She is just waiting on some legal things before she can get baptized. It was nice to be able to teach her a little bit and to finally meet her. The Lord works in His own time, that is for sure.
     Everyone needs to watch the new Christmas message, and go to christmas.mormon.org and watch all the new Christmas things. It is wonderful, I love Christmas.
     I love you all,
Sister Andrus

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