The Week I Gained a Million

Dear Family and Friends,

Well, this week seemed to fly by and drag on forever. I am sure that if I thought about it, I could remember everything that happened. Thank goodness for journals 🙂 Although we got home and were so tired, my journal writing this week has been lacking. Oh well… Although the week was exhausting, I do love being a missionary.
Monday – Our p-day started off crazy. I had to go to the hospital and get blood drawn. Which took forever because half way through, my vein burst and now I have an awesome bruise on my arm. On top of that, my blood didn’t want to move very fast. Poor Sister Craig had to sit there watching me for half an hour. They took a lot of blood, in case anyone was wondering. The rest of the day seemed to fly by, which happens most p-days. We had a lesson with one of our investigators. We had forgotten to bring a woman so we sat on his doorstep again to teach. He kept coming up with the most random concerns that finally we had to stop him. None of the concerns were really pertinent to the lesson. (Why are there only white prophets?… etc.)
Tuesday – Today was the day we gained a million pounds. We got up in the morning and ate breakfast like normal. Then we remembered on of our ward mission leaders wanted to take us to go get breakfast. Oh well… so we went with him and got breakfast. We regretted that decision because it was so much food. Then, we had to run over to the mission office so I could get certified to drive. That was all dandy and after certifying, we were invited to go and eat lunch that was being served at the office. The thing is, you can’t really say no because they are shoving plates and forks into your hands while asking you if you want to eat. We almost burst… Thankfully, we had some lessons to go to so we didn’t have to go get seconds. The only problem was that we had a bunch of food in our car so we ate all day.. really bad choice on our part. Then dinner comes around, and apparently the only way you show people you like their food is to get seconds. Oh heaven help us. It was getting pretty bad, we were so full, but we “just had to try the best cherry pie in the world…” So we get out of dinner and head to another lesson. Our last appointment was at 7:30 with Mark Nary, our investigator we found last week. The only way we were able to get a return appointment with him last week was to convince him we didn’t get any food. So, he and his wife wanted to make us dinner. They started cooking when we got there and we didn’t eat until 9:15, which is bad since we were supposed to be home by 9. We shoved the food down and when we got home, we had to stretch out on the floor before we could do anything else. It was so painful, worse than Thanksgiving or Christmas. But, back to the lessons. We had a lesson with Mia, the cutest girl ever. She is so eager to learn. We taught the Plan of Salvation, and she agreed to go to temple square with us.
Wednesday – So, I got my driving privileges finally today. Poor Sister Craig freaked out the first time I drove because the brakes in this car are very sensitive… 🙂 She may or may not have hit her head on the dashboard… Don’t worry, I am a wonderful driver, although I made us walk the other day because it was snowing. 🙂 Really, that was all that really happened today. Our lessons cancelled.
Thursday – The whole day was a blur. We went around and contacted people. Then, we went around doing daily contact with all our investigators. Our district leader gave us a promised blessing that if we did that, we would receive some sort of something. None of us were quite sure what he had promised but we did it anyway… 🙂 Halfway through the day, all our investigator lessons cancelled and so we only taught one lesson to a recent convert. We forgot to bring a woman with us so we sat outside in the cold… again. We really need to have an extra woman who just rides around with us. We did go to our high counselor over missionary work’s house. (Brother Stowell) His wife was home and so we were there for an hour just having what we call “mom time.” It was a frustrating week and so we just needed to be loved.
Friday – After district meeting, our next two lessons cancelled so we went out to contact. One of the bishops called us and wanted us to come up to his building to meet someone. It was a potential investigator who we have been trying to get a hold of for a long time. Super awesome. He didn’t want to take the lessons so that was less awesome. Anyways, good things will happen. So, we had a lesson with a young woman who is struggling. Sister Craig told me she lived a little up with canyon (big cottonwood canyon). She failed to mention she lived really far up with canyon and Sister Craig didn’t really know how to get there. Also the canyon gets really wet and slippery. Needless to say, I was not thrilled to be the one driving up there and back. I lived.. and so did Sister Craig.
Saturday – Now here is where the super awesome part comes. We had a mission devotional with M. Russell Ballard. Sister Craig and I sat right up in the front it was great. We got to shake his hand and everything. It was a great message. All about the Atonement and how to apply it to missionary work. The Spirit was so strong. It is always awesome to be with the other missionaries as well. Sister Tonga updated me on all the people from my last area. The two investigators dropped the missionaries, which was super sad to hear. What is even worse is that Sister Brimley, one of the senior couples in my last district died in her sleep the night before. That was a damper on the day. We went up to the Brighton Branch which is up at the ski resorts. Our senior couple drove us, which was super nice. We were convinced that we were going to die because the car slipped a lot.
Sunday – This was one of the craziest Sundays of my mission. I have no idea what really happened.
I love missionary work. Although this week has been crazy and exhausting, we did see a lot of small miracles.
I love you all,
Sister Andrus

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