Week of Miracles

sister andrus 156Hey Everyone!

     Compared to last week, this week has been amazing and full of small miracles. Sister Tonga and I have been focusing on having more faith, and it paid off this week.
     Monday – We were in our apartment when a potential investigator texted us and told us that she wanted us to come by next week and visit with her. We have been trying and trying to set up and appointment with her and finally we were able to. We stopped by a couple times before but she was too busy. We just wanted to keep reminding her that we were here, just waiting for her to schedule a time 🙂 Also, we took a very long nap on Monday, which was just what we needed 🙂
     Tuesday – On tuesday morning, we went with our senior couple to Shelley’s house to help her clean out her oven. There was so much cleaner caked on the oven that we scrapped and worked at it for over and hour. The miracle was that we finally got it cleaned and the stove and the oven work! Now, she can cook food that doesn’t only require a microwave. We were also out contacting families with unbaptized children. We get to a house and knock (obviously) and we hear people running around and voices. So, we stand out there for a little bit and then knock again. This time, we see shadows in the window and someone yells, “No one is home!!” We just busted up laughing, we were doubled over on the ground. One of the girls looks out the window and says, “Oh no, they are still here. NO ONE IS HOME!” This sends us into another fit of laughter as we walk away. It was so funny, the whole time we were saying, “Did that really just happen?”
     Wednesday – We met a lot of very interesting people today. One man opened his door and said, “Sorry girls, I am going to cancel. We are a married gay couple.” We had no idea what to say, we don’t role play for situations like this. He shut the door before we said anything. Oh the life of a missionary. We met another man who, in response to our asking if there was anything we could do for him, said, “Go find the Jesus in the Bible, because He isn’t the brother of Lucifer.” Then another man told us that his experience with Mormons was awful and he did not want to talk to us again. Now, this may sound like a bad day, but we have never laughed so hard. That is the only way to cope with situations like that. We did stop by a part member family and they let us in! The real miracle with that didn’t come until Sunday when we got our meal list, and there name was on it!!
     Thursday – As we were walking home, we saw a lady sweeping snow off of her car. We offered to help and she called us over (we were across the street) She was offended because a man from the ward had come to her and told her to move her car out of the church parking lot or else it would be towed. She had parked it there because she didn’t want the snowplows to cover the truck with snow. The thing that offended her the most was that the man did not even offer to help her. “I am 62 years old, I can’t move the truck out of the snow by myself. You Mormons are supposed to offer help, and he didn’t. But then here you come, two girls, and the first thing you do is offer help.” We apologized for the man, and offered to help her shovel her snow the next day since it was supposed to snow a lot that night. She started to cry and told us that if we came back to shovel, she would not turn us away. For any of you reading this, please remember that people are always watching you, and we all need to be better examples to them. We also went by Cody’s to share a message with him. He made a deal with us, if we would let him smoke, we could watch the video with him. We let him smoke…
     Friday – Last week, we had been out knocking doors when we came across JP and his family. He told us he was a member but did not go to church for many reasons. We asked if we could come back and today was that day. We went to their house and talked while they prepared their dinner and ate then he sat us down on the couch and asked, “What now? Are you supposed to share your testimonies or something?” Oh boy! We had no idea what to say because we have both felt like it was not a good time to share a message with them. Which was really weird because we are missionaries and that is what we are supposed to do… It turns out his wife isn’t a member and she would have turned off if we had tried to share a message. She was barely warming up to us when we had to leave to go to another appointment. The reason that JP does not go to church was because when he was younger, some leaders and other kids at church had said very rude and hurtful things to him. That seems to be the story of a lot of people around here. We all need to be careful of what we say, we don’t know what could happen. JP told us to come back, so we could plan on how we could find more people to teach 🙂
     Saturday – We were contacting potentials when we stopped by Debbie, a lady who told us to come back after the holidays. She is the nicest lady and she was telling us that she had studied with the Mormons before. She is very lonely and we told her that we would love to come and visit with her 🙂 She told us we would waste our time trying to convert her, but we could try! We will certainly try 🙂
     Sunday – Two very good things happened today. First, a less active lady who hasn’t come to church in years texted us and told her she was on her way to church. Of course we were in another ward, and we hurried down just in time to sit with her. The whole sacrament meeting she cried. It was very touching to watch her watch the young men pass the sacrament. Second, we got a text from a fellowshipper for one of the potential investigators. She told us, “Reida is ready for the lessons!!” We are so excited to go back and teach her. Reida is the lady from last week who gave us cake and water when we stopped by.
     Things are starting to pick up here in Holladay!
     Ofa atu
     Sister Andrus

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