Welcome to Wasatch

Dear Family and Friends,

     Here I am in my new area. I am serving in the Wasatch Stake with Sister Craig. It has been an interesting week. Sister Craig has been out for only one more transfer than me so we are just trying to figure out what are we are supposed to be doing.  We have certainly seen ourselves grow so much in the past week. We were teaching a lesson on our first day, and at one point we had both finished saying what we wanted to say and then just sat for a moment waiting for someone to talk. It was super awkward. The same thing happened for most of our door approaches. But, no one worry, we now know what is going on 🙂 sorta.
     Let me just share a little but about what we have been doing… On Wednesday, we went out tracting. We knocked on this one door and a lady answered and started to talk to us in Spanish. Neither one of us know Spanish very well. Then out of no where, Sister Craig starts speaking Spanish. It was super cool for all of us, except the lady at the door 🙂 We also were tracting and there was this little kid who walked past and started to talk to us. We literally started to follow him down the road and talk to him. Then we realized that we had just stalked a kid down the road.
     On Thursday, we did a lot of random service for some people. We took some roses to a lady and ding dong ditched them. Then, Sister Craig told everyone I ding dong ditched people… she failed to mention that we actually left things. It was ironic because the other day we actually ended up ding dong ditching someone because she took forever to answer. When we finally got back to our car, we heard her answer the door and start yelling at some kids who were walking down the street. “Did you ring my doorbell?!!” They kids stopped and pointed at us, “No! It was THEM!!” We then ran to our car and drove away really fast. We probably should have gone back and talked to her, but it was too scary.
     This week has been very crazy, and honestly I don’t remember a whole lot of it. I love you all!
    Sister Andrus
 Here is sister craig giving a lesson on the doorstep because we couldn’t find another woman to go with us. IMG_0782.JPG

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