Dear Family,

This week was pretty good. We had zone conferences which meant going to the temple. After the temple, Sister Horne, Sister Cade and I went over to the conference center since this is possibly the only time Sister Cade will see it for the next little while. Anyway, we go in and you know how the people there don’t want you to take your own tour. Well, since we have name tags, and Sister Horne was just doing her own thing, they let us go around on our own. It was super cool to see the conference center being set up for Women’s conference. Just so everyone knows, the flowers are super pretty this year. I just love going to the temple, and being on Temple Square. There is a wonderful spirit there that I guess I had never really paid much attention to until now. Zone Conferences are always the best. OUr zone was supposed to do a musical number, which Sister Cade and I didn’t know about until the day before. Thankfully, we have such melodious voices that it really didn’t matter when we actually sang 🙂 I think the best thing about Zone Conference is that it reignites the fire to go out and do missionary work.
Super cool thing happened this week. Before I begin, I should go back to when Sister Craig and I were companions. We had been either going to go to a lesson or just go contact, but either way we were walking. This boy walks past us and we made no attempt to talk to him. Which we felt bad about. Then, on our way back to the car we meet him walking the other way. We stopped him this time and got in a good conversation. We learned that he was going through some really hard things in life. When we asked if we could teach him (not those exact words obviously) he said we could try and he lived up the road. We never even got his address or anything. So flash forward to this week. I was thinking a lot about this boy and wondering where he lived because I felt like he needed to be contacted. We were driving to a lesson and we get a phone call. This man tells us he has a referral in our area. He starts telling us about this boy he met on the bus who was pretty upset and they started talking. Turns out the boy wanted to know more about the Bible and God. Anyways, while the man is telling us all this, I think that it all sounded familiar. Then, he says, “Oh, his name is Logan.” Total answer to prayer! We finally got the address for Logan and now we are just trying to find him at home. It was a super great miracle, the Lord works in mysterious ways.
This week has been full of small miracles. We had an investigator finally text us back after two weeks to schedule a time to continue the lessons. As our finding activity last week, we texted all the potential investigators in our phone in hopes that they would text us back. One of them did! Her name is Juliana and she had been taught before by some elders before she moved to this area. She wants to start the lessons again so that she can feel closer to God. It was a fun experience to teach her. This is Sister Cade’s second investigator ever taught, she has only ever taught one of our investigators. Also, Juliana has one of those hypoallergenic cats with no fur. We were sitting there teaching and I saw it out of the corner of my eye trying to get on my lap. I thought it was the dog so I didn’t really care until it jumped on my lap. If you have never seen one of those things I would suggest looking it up and then picture it jumping on your lap. It scared me to death, but I remained calm much to my own surprise.
I am so glad that I have the opportunity to serve a mission. I love being a missionary and representing my Savior. The new Easter video came out and all should watch it. #Hallelujah
I love you all, I hope everything is going great in your lives.
Sister Andrus 012040

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