Sleep, Sneeze, Repeat

Dear Family,

Well, this week started off good. We had some good lessons scheduled at the beginning of the week and lots of time to go contact and find people. Since transfers were coming up, we were worried Sister Cade might be leaving so we wanted to go out with a bang. Fortunately, we found out that Sister Cade will be staying with me for another transfer. We are super excited to keep working together. We are also super excited to keep working with our senior couple. I am not sure if I have ever really mentioned our senior couple. They are the Hornes, and literally the sweetest people on the face of the planet. Sister Horne takes such good care of us, and Elder Horne is missing a leg. They have had all these super cool experiences in their life that make them so willing to serve the Lord. If I ever stop rambling I will tell you how I came to know all these things. 013
Anyways, this week started off good until Tuesday afternoon…. We had just finished a lesson and were headed to another one when Sister Cade started to mention that she had a hard time swallowing and her throat hurt. Upon further examination, she found that one of her tonsils was swollen and nasty looking. Over the next couple hours, she kept feeling more and more sick. We called Sister Eberhardt and she told us to go to the urgent care. So we go, and because Sister Cade is waiting for her visa, we don’t have a copy of her missionary insurance card, so we go back to our area and to another lesson. Our zone leaders came and gave her a blessing and we went home. The next morning, Sister Eberhardt tells us to go to the mission doctor who volunteers at one of those free clinics. We obey and the doctor tells her she needs to rest and gave her some antibiotics. This is where my rambling from earlier makes sense. We didn’t actually go back to our apartment. Instead, we went to the Hornes so we could have someone take care of Sister Cade. While Sister Cade is sleeping on their couch, Sister Horne and I have a heart to heart about literally everything in our lives. She kept pointing out that it was super ironic that I made Sister Cade go to the doctor when I wouldn’t schedule a time for my doctors appointments. After a while, we went to another lesson and then home to sleep. The next day, Sister Cade insisted she was fine so we went out. About an hour into our day, she starts to get super sick again and instead of going home, she took a nap in our car in a church parking lot. The next day we had district meeting and other lessons so she pushed through like a champ and we thought she was getting better. Then on Saturday, she wakes up just miserable. So, with Sister Eberhardt’s permission we stayed in. Except we did leave to go to a lesson with an investigator. But, when Sister Eberhardt found out we l009eft she was very insistent that we stay in the next day. So on Sunday after going to the temple dedication, we stayed in all day. Needless to say, we are both about to go out o
f our minds with boredom. Thankfully Sister Cade is doing much better and this upcoming week looks good, unless I get sick 🙂
I am super excited for General Conference. Since I have spent a lot of time this week just reading, I decided to read last conference, all the talks. There are so many wonderful messages from our leaders. I would encourage everyone to read as much of last conference before this upcoming conference. Sister Cade and I have tickets to conference, now all we need is our investigators to go with us so we can actually go. That is a perk of serving in Utah 🙂 Another perk is that we were able to watch the temple dedication. That was such a cool experience, especially since I drove past the City Center Temple everyday for three months last year. I love that temple, I was glad to see it dedicated.
We found out that our district leader is being transferred. That is super sad, but not really relevant to my next story. On Friday, we had our last district meeting of the transfer and one of our zone leaders told us an epiphany he had about Joseph Smith getting the plates. Bear with me as I try to explain it. So, Joseph Smith is told where the plates are and he is told to not 004get them for it was not the time. However, when he goes to the place where the plates are, he reaches in to touch them but is told to not because it is not yet time. There were many things in the box that were precious to Heavenly Father. Likewise, as missionaries, there are many precious things in our stone boxes. (Family, friends, careers, hobbies, etc.) We occasionally open the box and look in but we are supposed to take them out because it is not the time for those things. Anyways, that is how it applies to missionaries, but as I was thinking about our stone boxes, it also relates to sin and repentance. We all have made mistakes in our lives and when we repent of those things, the are forgotten by the Lord. However, they are not forgotten by us. Sometimes, we are tempted to open the box and look inside. If we fall into that temptation, we are again tempted to take those things out. It is never the right time for us to take those things out again. I am not sure if that made sense but it is food for thought.
I love you all!
Sister Andrus
1- our district
2- Sister Cade asleep after weekly planning. (notice the space heater, super cold in the basement)
3- our trip to the doctor’s office



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