Springtime Snow

Dear Family and Friends,

April showers bring May flowers, but what will an April blizzard bring? (Can anyone name the reference?) I know it isn’t actually April, and no it isn’t a blizzard. But, for heavens sake, it is still snowing and I don’t really appreciate it. That was my little rant for the week. Overall, this week was not what we hoped it would be, we had a lot of our lessons cancel including all of our investigator lessons. Although it was hard, we still saw small tender mercies which at the end of the day make everything better.

Let me start with my thoughts on Women’s Conference. We were not able to go to the Conference Center. However, Sister Horne took us out to dinner before hand with her daughter. It was just like being at home and going out with all the women we love. We had tried to get out female investigators to come with us, but they were too busy. During conference, I just kept thinking about these ladies who we are teaching. There is such a sense of belonging when you are in a room full of women and it is heartbreaking that some women don’t get that. As members of the Church we know just how important our roles are in Heavenly Father’s plan, which is something that has given me great hope for the future. Anyways, Sister Cade and I had been looking forward to Women’s Conference so we could be spiritually fed. There was so much about service, and how important it is that we have our own testimony. I love when Sister Marriott said, “However, the first child of God we must build up in the restored gospel is ourselves… We must develop bedrock faith in the Savior’s gospel and move forward…” Such a powerful meeting.

I am also going to continue with my thoughts about Easter. I love being a missionary and hearing other people’s testimonies of Christ. In one of the wards, the Bishop had put last years and this years Easter videos together and after each one he asked a question. The three questions are very thought provoking and so I will share them with you. 1- How has your life been changed because of Him? 2- Because He lives what role does he play in your life now? 3- How will you follow Him to find new life? Now I encourge you all to spend some time and think about those questions. An Easter miracle was that one of our investigators who dropped us came to Church with his friends. He had not come to church while we were teaching him. It would be awesome if he wanted us to teach him some more.

On Thursday, we went less active contacting. Although most people were not home, we were able to get in and to teach two lessons to less actives that I had never met before. It was a super awesome miracle because by then we had already had 6 cancelled lessons in the week. We also met Ron, a less active man. We knocked on his door right after dinner and he answered. He starts laughing and pretty much tells us to go away. However, we just kept talking and he finally came out of the porch to watch the Easter video. After the video, we testify and then I told him we would love to come back and teach him more. He says,”I’m pretty stubborn, you aren’t going to convert me again!” Sister Cade says, “So are we!” I think it took Ron a second to register that we weren’t going to let him say no. In that second, we were able to ambush him. (not literally ambush him, but able to get him to agree to let us come back.) Anyways, it was super awesome. As we left his house, we noticed his car… the picture at the end of the email can explain it better than I can.

Another miracle happened on Easter. We were driving going to contact some people when we get a call. It was from the sister missionaries in St. George. They had a referral for us. Now why is this a miracle? Well, our list of potential investigators is getting very slim and every referral is another name in the bucket. The only problem with this referral is that when we went to contact them, they didn’t answer the door. The funny part about it is that they were standing in the giant window looking out as we walked up.Then when we knocked, they disappeared and never came back again… So we will try again later. We also tried to contact another referral yesterday and they weren’t home. We were getting out of the car to go to their house. I was not paying attention and I hear Sister Cade exclaim, “Oh no!” I turn as she very gracefully falls off the curb and into the street. I have never seen anyone fall like that. When I fall, it is just a mess and a much louder exclamation.

I love you all! I hope you have a marvelous week!
Sister Andrus

1. Ron’s car – I don’t know how we didn’t notice this on the way to his house. Also, I look like I am growing out of Sister Cade.. oh well
2- Our STL came to do companion study with us. There were five people and only four chairs in our apartment 🙂


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