You Can’t Deny the Prophet

Hey Y’all,

This week was awesome! Let me start off with General Conference, well actually a couple days before. This whole week we have been trying to get someone to come with us to conference so we could actually go down to the conference center. We had been praying all week and when we asked our investigators at the beginning of the week all of them said no. So Friday night rolls around and we are just hoping that Caroline, our investigator, agrees to come with us. As we start the lesson, my mind totally blanks and I forget about conference all together. The lesson was also one of the most powerful lessons I think I have given to Caroline, and the Spirit was so strong. After we finished the lesson and were getting ready to go, I remember conference. But in my head I am having this battle. She already said no, why would she say yes, we don’t want to ruin the Spirit, blah blah blah. So as I go to ask her to pray the thing that comes out of my mouth is “Caroline do you want to go to conference with us?” Well, thanks Spirit, that was not what I was expecting. She then tells why she can’t and Sister Cade says, “Caroline, this is a huge opportunity for you, and we really think you should go.” Well, this goes on for like a minute, before Caroline says, “Fine, I’m in, lets go.” What?! We were so shocked she actually said yes we weren’t quite sure what to do. Anways, we took Caroline to conference with us. She loved it, of course, who doesn’t love being in the presence of the Prophet of the Lord. Afterwards in the car, we asked her what her favorite talk was. She said, “I like the Prophet, he talked about Alice in Wonderland, and that is my favorite book. Only my mom has ever talked about Alice and Wonderland like he did, so that was awesome.” Like I said, you can’t deny the Prophet. He truly is the Lord’s mouthpiece on the earth today.

We also picked up a new investigator which was a huge miracle. We have been dropped by a couple of our investigators or had to drop them, so we have been trying to contact as many people as possible. We got Miley as a referral from the Spencer family. She had been taught over a year ago and she had not gotten permission to be baptized. So, during nightly planning, I was trying to think of her name to put in the plans but neither Sister Cade or I could remember her name. I all I wrote down was ‘name from Spencers.’ The next day, we were driving and I asked Sister Cade who to go to next. Well, ‘name from Spencers’ was the only thing left in the plans. With no name, we couldn’t really contact her. Calling the Spencers to ask for her name never crossed our mind. So, I was praying silently that we could remember her name, I’m guessing Sister Cade was doing the same thing, I couldn’t take my eyes off the road to check 🙂 Long story short, Sister Cade remembered her name and found her in the areabook. So, we find her house and as we are walking up her driveway, we see Miley, standing in the window, waving and smiling. She ran downstairs and opened the door. She is 11 years old, and the sweetest girl ever. We went in and started to teach her. Her mom came in and said, “Oh, I’m glad you are here, we need to get her baptized!” AWESOME!!! We are super excited to keep teaching her.

Here is a funny story, we got called on Thursday by a lady who schedules service for us in one of the wards. She asked if we could go walk a lady’s dog for her. Of course we said yes. Friday morning we called the lady to set up a time to walk the dog. She asks, “Do you have any experience walking dogs?” Sister Cade and I looked at each other like, of course we do, we have had dogs before. She responds, “Of course we do!” “Oh good, because I have four crazy dogs.” Well, we weren’t expecting that response, that’s for sure. And she was not lying, they were crazy crazy dogs. It was all good and dandy until sister Cade needed to check the phone or something like that. She handed me all the dog leashes and then out of no where this other dogs shows up with his owners. (they were also on a walk) All of our dogs go crazy and I am literally being tangled up and dragged along as all the dogs start to greet each other. And where is Sister Cade in all this, laughing behind me. Then, one of our dogs pulls his leash right out of my hand and pretty much attacks the other dogs. His owners pick him up and give me the meanest look. For heavens sakes, I am all tangled up, I can’t really stop the dog without falling over. It was super funny now that I think about it, but I have leash burns on my hands.

Overall, we had a marvelous week. So many great Spirit filled lessons and experiences. I love you all,

Sister Andrus

1- Sister Cade and I with all our dogs
2- Caroline at Conference!



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