It’s Raining, It’s Pouring


Dear Family and Friends,

This week certainly has been interesting and a little stressful. It all started on Tuesday… Sister Horne texted us and asked if we could come to some lessons with her since Elder Horne could not go. We didn’t really think anything about it so we went to her house to discuss the lessons and what we needed to teach and all that good stuff. Sister Horne was super frustrated and so we asked her what was wrong. Apparently Elder Horne was riding his bike and he fell. Please remember that Elder Horne only has one functional leg and he still rides a bike. Anyways, he cannot walk or stand very well or for very long so he is out of commission for the next week or so while he recovers. So, we have been Sister Horne’s companion off and on the whole week. This really helped us reach our 20 lesson goal again this week. Not saying that Elder Horne falling on his bike was a good thing but getting more lessons certainly was.
We have done so much yard work this week. It didn’t start raining until Saturday and so people were hurrying to get their flowers planted and their grass moved or dug up. On Wednesday, we helped a family move their lawn. They are a super active family but the mom babysits this nonmember girls in the morning. The little girls were helping us move the grass and as we were walking through the garage, one of the nonmember girls says, “I LOVE when the missionary girls come over! We get to help them!!” It made our day, it was so cute. Later that day we went to the Nary’s (nonmember, former investigators) and helped Laura, the wife, clean her cabinets because we are going to start painting them sometime this week with her. Then on Saturday we were walking down the street and saw a lady planting flowers so we started helping her as well. The only problem was that we were still in our skirts and so our skirts were all muddy and gross when we finished helping her. Thankfully we were on exchanges because Sister Cade does NOT like dirt 🙂
Here is a funny story from exchanges. Hermana Antunes and I were together in my area for the exchange and we decided to walk on Saturday morning instead of drive to our meeting. As we were walking, the meeting canceled but we were able to do service. We went back to the apartment for lunch and to get the car so we could go exchange back. By the way, we live in a lady’s basement and our land lady was out of town for the weekend. Anyways, we get to the house and that is when I realize that the keys are still in the basement and the house is locked. But then I remembered that we had opened our window earlier that week because it was nice outside. So, we go over to the window well and pull up the grate and jump inside. Well, we actually had shut and locked our window so we walked around the house trying every other window but they were all locked as well. Instead of trying to call the land lady we called everyone else we could possibly imagine but they all told us to call the land lady. Finally we did, and the problem was that she actually doesn’t have a spare key. Her parents do but they were on vacation with her as well. Her mom gives us instructions on how to get into her garage and where to find the keys. After an hour of trying on our own, we were finally able to get into the house. We learned a valuable lesson that day. Other than not letting Sister Andrus be in charge of the keys, we also learned it is better to humble ourselves and ask for help.
We got a new investigator this week. Her name is Leontine and she is super sweet. As we were teaching her the Restoration, the Spirit was so strong. The thing with Leontine is that she is from the Ivory Coast and she hardly understands English very well. Thankfully her niece was there to help us translate. The lesson was very slow as we tried to explain simply and clearly. Then as we were teaching about Joseph Smith, the Spirit filled the room and I could see that Leontine could understand perfectly what was being said. She had a smile on her face and she was nodding. It was awesome. Then, I started to explain baptism and why we need to be baptized and all I could think was “This lady is going to be baptized, she knows it is true.” But then out of no where, the fellowshipper we brought with us cuts me off and starts to talk about Peter being the first Pope of the Catholic Church (Leontine is Catholic) and how although the Priesthood could have been passed down to other popes, it eventually got lost. Sister Cade and I were so confused as to where he was going with that so we just looked at each other. Apparently the fellowshipper didn’t know where he was going with that either so he turned back to us as if expecting us to keep teaching where he left off. This is why the Spirit is crucial in teaching because none of us really knew what to do next. So, we just testified of Joseph Smith and told her that she needed to pray to know if this was true. Then she would be able to be ready to follow Christ and be baptized. Overall it was a good lesson and the Spirit was defiantly there. That is why I love being a missionary. I love to watch as people start to feel the Spirit and they start to have that desire to change. It truly is amazing.
Because Elder Horne can’t stand very long, they had to cancel all their speaking appointments on Sunday. We were already speaking in one of the wards and so we didn’t really volunteer to again. The Hornes were supposed to be speaking in one ward and the branch and we were speaking in a ward that was at the same time as the branch. We get a call on Friday afternoon from someone in the ward the Hornes were speaking in and he asked if we could speak. We felt bad for the guy so we agreed to speak in his ward. Then on Saturday the Branch President calls and asks us if we could speak in the Branch. We couldn’t speak in the branch, which made us feel bad because it was so last minute for anyone else to go up to the branch to speak. So Sunday morning rolls around and we start off like any Sunday. we helped in Missionary Preparation class and then ran over to an investigators house to hopefully take her to church with us. She didn’t want to go and was not dressed so we ran to church in time to save a seat with Miley (our 11 year old investigator) who came just before the meeting started and didn’t want to sit with us. That was okay because we had to leave that meeting early so we could get to the sacrament meeting where we were speaking on time. We got there 5 minutes before the meeting started. Sister Cade didn’t actually have a talk, she had just been asked to bear her testimony before I talked in the ward. The talk I gave was not the talk that I had planned. I don’t even know what I said, the Spirit just took over and I talked for way over my time before I started to cry and then sat down. it was all good tears of happiness and joy. Anyways, after the meeting a man came up to us and started to tell Sister Cade all these things that she needed to improve on if she was going to be a good public speaker. I was so shocked. Sister Cade was so nervous to speak anyways and then this didn’t help. As soon as the man left she started crying and so I started crying all over again. It took a good hour for her her compose herself and to prepare herself to give another talk. We made it to that meeting just five minutes before it started as well.
It has been quite a week and this upcoming week is my last week with Sister Cade before she goes to the Czech Republic. I have learned a lot from her and from the opportunity I had to be a trainer. I love missionary work and I love all of you. Have a great week

Sister Andrus


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