Lemonade & Water


Dear Family and Friends,

Well this week has been pretty good. Nothing super duper exciting happened but just small good things here and there. First off, it has been very hot here. That has provided for a lot of opportunities to talk to tons of people since everyone is outside. Sister Spurlock and I set goals of how many people we have to talk to everyday. That means we do a lot of walking which also means that we get sunburned and very very thirsty. You might be thinking to yourself, “why don’t you carry water bottles?” That is a great question and honestly I don’t have an answer… we just don’t want the extra weight I guess…. But anyways, there have been a lot of people who are not members who tell us they aren’t interested but as we are walking away, they tell us to stop so they can run inside and get us bottles of water. Oh the tender mercies.
One of these experiences happened on Friday. We took a young woman with us to go out street contacting. She is going on a mission to Paris, France in a month or so and she wanted to see what missionary work was like. Sister Spurlock and I were praying to know how we could help her have a good experience with us. We figured the best thing to do was contacting. Anyways, we head out and the sun is beating down on us. We knocked some doors and tried to talk to people with no luck. We were walking down the street walking past some Hispanics working in someones yard. Since we don’t cover Spanish anything, we just walked past not really making an effort to talk to them. This old man comes around the truck and stopped us. He really couldn’t speak English but he was saying something about the weather. Sister Spurlock says, “Oh yes, it is nice weather.” The man tried again to tell us something. Then it dawns on us, it isn’t weather, it is water he is talking about. Finally understanding we said something along the lines of “oh yes, water is nice when it is sunny outside.” It never registered that he was offering us water until he went to his ice chest and took out three water bottles. We felt a little stupid but oh well. We tried to talk to him some more. His name is Pablo and he lives out of our area still in our mission. Do you know how hard it is to try and get information from someone who doesn’t really speak English? He said yes to everything we said… we should have committed him to baptism 🙂 The water was much appreciated as well.
On Saturday we walked to the farthest our area goes… well not actually the farthest by car but the farthest by foot. It was a very long walk but we talked to some nice people. We were walking in the super nice neighborhood and just kept walking and walking until we came to a huge gate which we guess leads to some castle or something  huge by the amount of security. I am sure that would be an interesting security video to watch. Two sister missionaries sitting in the shade of the giant gate trying to catch our breath and get out of the sun for a few minutes. We walked back to our car and drove to the church because we had to use the bathroom. There were probably 6 or 7 children sitting at the church with a lemonade stand. When we pulled into the parking lot, they attacked the car yelling at us to buy some lemonade. After using the restroom we went outside and sat on the grass and talked with the kid while drinking “lemonade” We gave them all pass along cards to give to friends at school and shared a video with them all. Most of them were members but there were some children from less active families so we felt like it was a productive thing to do. The best part was watching as the older children divided the money among the rest of them. “You all get one dollar or you can have some chocolate…. NO! You only get one dollar, we get more because we did the real work, We MADE this money.” Super cute!
We had a lesson with a less active lady we are working with. Her name is Sandy. Anyways we were talking about faith. We asked her if she felt like her faith was growing and if she could feel God’s love for her. She got chocked up and bore a very short yet sweet testimony to us about how she feels like she is growing closer to God. She came to church last week for the first time!!!! When we started meeting with her she told us about how she wanted to have a testimony like her returned missionary grandson and now she is taking the steps to gain that testimony. It is wonderful to watch her progress.
Our investigator Miley is almost on date for May 28th. I say almost because her parents change their mind… alot…. Prayers on her behalf would be much appreciated. She wants to get baptized so bad it is sad to watch how other people’s choices impact such a sweet girl’s desire.
I love you all,
Sister Andrus


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