Rain, Rain, Go Away

Dear Family and Friends,

In complete honesty, this week was a little rough. Sister Spurlock and I got a little frustrated with some of the people in this area. But on a good note, I have been praying for the strength to hold my tongue and be as charming as ever, and it is working. That means the only people who know my thoughts are the Lord and Sister Spurlock… and our district leader, and some other leaders. But other than that no one. Despite the frustrations, we were able to have some good lessons this week and we felt the Spirit a lot. I have been working on having more meaningful prayers. This week were asked to teach the young women about having meaningful prayers. It was a good reminder to me how much Heavenly Father wants to hear from us and how much He really cares.
We had a couple lessons with Miley, who we were hoping to get on date for baptism this weekend. That looks like it won’t work out since it is Memorial Day and her parents are planning something. Anyways, Miley was being a little rambunctious and jumping all over the couches and sliding down the banister while we were teaching. Finally we just gave up on the actual lesson and started asking questions to try and gauge her understanding of things. She was being so silly and giving really absurd answers to the questions. Anyways, we asked her what the sacrament was. She suddenly got very serious and said, “It is when we partake of the bread and water in remembrance of the flesh and blood of Jesus when He sacrificed for us.” We were both a little shocked because two seconds later she was jumping on the couch again. It was a good reminder on how important it is to understand the sacrament even when things around us are a little crazy.  Always take time to remember that sacrifice made for us by our Savior.
We also went up to the branch we cover which is up by the ski resort. We had some great visits. At the first home we stopped at we met with an active family and shared Alma 38:5 with them about the Lord delivering us out of our trials and our troubles. Anyways I look up from reading the scripture and everyone was in tears. Let me give you a little information about Sister Andrus. When I am asked to share a scripture, I normally just flip open the scriptures and read one from the page. It was exactly what this family needed to hear. It was a good reminder that the Spirit is actually in charge and I just do what He says. The people who drove us up to the branch loved the scripture so much they asked that we share it with everyone that we visited. We had a miracle while we were up there. There is a lady who is less active and married to a nonmember. They told us we were just going to give them cookies on the porch and not really bother trying to go in. The husband (who is supposedly anti) answers the door and invited us in. We were a little shocked as he sat down with us and we were able to have a great conversation with him.
It has been raining here like crazy. A couple nights ago we had a huge storm with lightening and thunder and guess who had a lesson cancel on them at the door. You are correct, we did. That meant a very wet hour until we were able to go home. But it was also super pretty to be in the rain and the lightening.
While a lot of big things did not happen there were just some good things this week. We were able to have lessons in which the Spirit was so strong and we were able to testify of Christ rather boldly. That is the best! and we were able to get some good news about a potential investigator who is ready for the lessons and her family is supportive! Just simple good things happened. I love being a missionary.
I love you all,
Sister Andrus

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