So Long, Farewell


Where do I start? Sister Cade is packed and ready to go. It is super
bittersweet. We are glad she finally gets to go to the Czech Republic
but we are all sad to see her go. Good news is that I am not being
transferred so I will be getting a new companion tomorrow. That means
5 transfers and 5 companions.  That is super crazy.
This week has been awesome. We were able to get our 20 lessons again
this week. It was super stressful because we didn’t get the 20th
lesson until Sunday night. Our numbers were awesome and we hit our
goals. The best way to end a transfer! There were a lot of small
little miracles that made the week awesome. We stopped by Dick Gomez
(a former investigator) just to see if he was home. He has been up in
Wyoming for the past couple weeks and so we didn’t know if he was even
going to be home. Anyways, he opened the door and immediately he just
started smiling and was super excited to see us. We asked him about
his Book of Mormon reading. He said that he has been reading and he
feels good when he reads it. We then talked about prayer. He told us
that he prays like we taught him and when he forgets how to, he will
use the pamphlet we left and read how to pray. I’m not sure if that
made sense but it was an awesome experience. He then said the prayer
at the end of the lesson and he prayed that we will be safe as we
spread the Lords word 🙂 the spirit was so strong and he was so happy
when he finished his prayer.
We had Zone service on Saturday and it was super awesome. We started
at 7 in the morning and we didn’t leave until 12. It was super long
but we had tons of fun together. The worst part of the day was when
one of the elders in our zone ate a bird egg we found in the bushes.
That is t really relevant to anything but it was absolutely
This week has been awesome but we are running out of time because we
have to go to the airport.
I love you all,
Sister Andrus


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