Well, It has been Interesting


Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been pretty exciting. Our investigator Miley is on date to be baptized this week. We have been trying so hard to get parental permission for this baptism. We had a lesson with Miley and her mom was there. We asked her mom if she would like to join us. It was a little awkward when she said no, because then our plan for asking her to give permission just went out the window. Thankfully, halfway through the lesson, her mom came in and said, “We want Miley to get baptized. How do we do this?” Well, it is pretty simple, once you pick a date, we get everything ready. So this past couple days have been a little crazy as we worked out this baptism. Miley went out of town so we weren’t able to have a lesson with her face to face. Thank goodness for technology because we were able to have a lesson over FaceTime with her later in the week. It is so sweet to watch her prepare for her baptism because this is something that she really wants and she knows that it will make her happy.
Our Sunday was super crazy this week. Sister Spurlock and I had been asked to speak in a ward that started at 9:00 and Sister Spurlock was asked to speak at a ward that started at 10:00. As you can imagine this was a little stressful for us. I had planned a talk on family history throughout the week and then decided very last minute (while Sister Spurlock was speaking) to change my talk to something else. But, I nailed it and everything turned out fine. I was watching the clock and finished my talk right at 10:00. We then left the meeting and drove like the wind up to the other ward. We got there late but just in time for Sister Spurlock to give her talk. Then after that meeting we drove down another ward to sit in primary with Miley and then we had to go back to the the other ward because Sister Spurlock left her iPad there. Then back to another ward to hear our senior couple give a talk. There was a lady sitting in front of us and after the meeting she turned around and told us that we had really nice voices and she was going to set up a time when we would sing in sacrament meeting. That will be interesting because I don’t like singing in front of people….
Speaking of doing musical things in front of people. Our district leader found out that I play the piano. He is convinced that I can play any hymn in the book. Which by the way, I cannot. It has provided for some very interesting singing in district meeting. Anyways, he finally picked a hymn to sing that I do know how to play. Except when I sat down to play it this week, I could not for the life of me remember how it went. It was… a fun way to end the meeting that is for sure.
One last story that just describes the rest of our week. It was Monday and we had to put air in our tires. And we could not figure it out. I know you are all probably shaking your heads right now because Dad has shown me before how to do this. Anyways, we asked our zone leaders and they looked at us like we were…. not very intelligent people. But, we went to the gas station and we pretended like we knew what we were doing until we did in fact figure it out. Well, for some reason, the tire that needed to be filled did not get filled. The air pressure did not go back up. All the other tires on the other hand got more air in them. This was interesting because we did not actually fill up the other tires, but the air pressure still went up. Needless to say we were just a little too embarassed to ask for help and there was a line of people waiting for the air. I don’t know why everyone wanted to get air in the tires the same time we did. In the process of putting away the hose and getting back in the car, I smacked my leg against the metal corner of something and now have a giant bruise on my leg. It just set the mood for the rest of the week. We have had a lot of laughs about the whole things. And we told our zone leaders that we did in fact figure it out 🙂
I love you all,
Sister Andrus
1- the storm, we get lots of storms at night

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