What Great Reason we have to Rejoice

April 18 2016043

Dear Family and Friends,

I am sorry there was no email last week. I spent my morning in Orem with Sister Eberhardt and didn’t get back in time to finish emailing. We then went on a hike with President Eberhardt as a zone so there really was no time to email. The hike was super pretty. At one point, I hurt my knee so Sister Cade and I started back down before the rest of the group. We decided to sit on a bridge and wait for everyone to catch up with us. Sister Cade was out on the rocks, collecting small rocks to take back with her. Suddenly, she slipped and ended up sitting in the water. We decided to go all the way back down so she could sit on the grass in the sun and dry off before anyone saw her 🙂 When the rest of the zone came back, we found out that many of the missionaries had gotten wet trying to cross a river, so I guess we could have stayed on the bridge a little longer. When the zone started showing back up, they asked us if we had seen one of the elders who was apparently missing. Of course we had not so some of them went to go look for him some more. Apparently he fell down a “cliff” and couldn’t get back up so he wandered around until he found another path and came back up. It is always an adventure when you get missionaries together.
So, the stake where I am serving has a goal of getting 20 lessons a week for the sister missionaries. The lessons can be active member lessons, less active member lessons and non member lessons. Ever since I have been here, we have not been able to reach the goal. Last Sunday, we had a training with all the Ward Mission Leaders and we told them that we needed their help more than ever if we were going to reach the goal. We also talked about praying to know how to reach the goal, not just praying to reach the goal. Since it was Fast Sunday, I was fasting that we would be able to reach the goal, and I have been praying that we would know what else we should be doing to reach the goal. Anyways, this week we were able to not only reach our goal, but to pass the goal. We had 27 lessons this week!! It was a huge miracle, and just what we need to get the missionary work hastening in this stake.
We also had a Sunday miracle. At one point this week, all of our investigators had committed to come to church with us. We had everything all lined up. Then, one by one they dropped out of coming. The last was Miley, our 11 year old investigator. So, we went over to Miley’s house since she was the one we figured we could really get to come with us. We showed up at her house and her dad answered the door. This was the first time we had really talked to him, and we knew he was pretty inactive so we weren’t sure if he was going to let Miley come to church. Anyways, he answers the door, and he says, “Oh Miley isn’t here right now, but I will make sure she comes to church tomorrow.” Then he shut the door. We were super amazed because he had shown some disinterest in Miley taking the lessons. Sure enough, 2 minutes before the meeting started, Miley showed up to church and stayed all 3 hours! We were so thrilled! Now all she has to do is to ask her parents if she can get baptized on May 7th. We had a lesson with her this week as well. We had invited a less active boy her age who is also a recent convert to come with us to the lesson. Then, we asked the Primary President if her daughter could come to the lesson. It never crossed our mind until the day before the lesson that we were going to show up with 5 people to the lesson. (The two sister missionaries, 1 less active boy 1 active girl and her mom) We asked the Primary President if we could have the lesson at her house, of course she said we could. Miley’s mom said it was okay if Miley went over there so it was all good. Until we realized that we couldn’t drvie and pick the kids up. So we walked over to Miley’s house, got her, we walked over to Jay Bay’s house (the less active boy) and he had a friend over who wanted to come to the lesson as well. We show up at the Primary Presidents house with 3 children. It ended up being an awesome lesson and Miley prayed at the end!!
Here is a little spiritual thought for the day. It is found in Alma 26:1 “And now, these are the words of Ammon to his brethren, which say thus: My brothers and my brethren, behold I say unto you, how great reason have we to rejoice: for could we have supposed when we started from the land of Zarahemla that God would have granted unto us such great blessings?” Now, if you replace the word Zarahemla, with Washington, that is how I feel right now. I could not have supposed that the mission would bless my life as much as it has. I love being a missionary.
I love you all,
Sister Andrus

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