Miley Got Baptized

Dear Family and Friends,

MILEY GOT BAPTIZED!! It was a wonderful baptism and a great spirit was there. Miley’s parents are both inactive but they were super touched by the baptism. There was a lot of ward support for Miley and I think her parents were a little surprised at how much everyone wanted this for Miley and how much everyone loves her. Miley wanted to sing A Child’s Prayer at the end of the service and as we sang the song I was watching he029r dad who was watching Miley. She was singing to her hearts content and her dad got super emotional. It was a sweet tender moment. The next day after sacrament meeting, Miley’s mom came up to us and thanked us for doing this for Miley. Both of her parents were super touched by the whole thing and their hearts are slowly being softened. They both mentioned that they might come sometimes with Miley to church 🙂

The week leading up to the baptism might have been the strangest week of my mission. It was one of those weeks when everything you do just doesn’t really work out. Most of it is boring but holy cow it was weird. We tried to get lessons with Miley before her baptism but she was literally too busy every night so I didn’t see her until she showed up at her baptism (we were on exchanges during her interview.) We tried to set up FaceTime lessons with her but only managed to get one on Monday. In all honesty we were a little worried when Saturday rolled around and we hadn’t had great contact with her. But it all worked out in the end.004-1

After Miley’s baptism, we went to the Branch that we cover and planted flowers for a lady. It was super hot and when we went tracting later we did not hydrate enough so the whole night and next day we were suffering from mild cases of heat exhaustion. That was not fun but we managed to get through it. That is really the only other exciting thing from this week.

I love you all. Keep doing good things.

Sister Andrus


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