Cherry Picking

Hey Y’all,

We put Debra on date for baptism!! It will be July 30th. With the fact that she is missing a leg, this is going to be a super awesome baptism. Not only is Debra missing a leg, but she has no strength in her other leg. It will be like baptizing someone with no legs. We are trying to find a swimming pool in our area so we can lower her in and so we can have multiple men with her to keep her safe. Debra is such an awesome lady, who can be a little confused sometimes. The other day we were talking with here about her baptism and she starting crying. These weren’t happy tears, but full on sadness. Now, for missionaries, this is very worrisome, we don’t like our investigators crying about baptism. She was just worried that we were going to make her perform the baptism on live television. I am not sure where she got that idea. But, this just is a little look into our life with Debra. A couple days later she was telling us that when she prays she gets the answer that is is supposed to be a Mormon. So it all worked out in the end.
Last week I went and had a mole removed and this week the site got infected. That is not important but our district leader suggested that I get it amputated so I can empathy for Debra I don’t know if that was inspired counsel but I choose not to take it.
We were able to get some people to church this week that haven’t  been in a long time. One of them was Dan. He is a super less active, super old, super confused man. I guess we really like working with old, confused people. But this man has stolen our hearts, he lives in the care center and he is lonely. Anyways, we thought he wasn’t a member so he was an investigator  for a week or so until we were able to figure out that he was actually a member. Anyways, we went to the care center for sacrament meeting this week and we were going around telling everyone to come to church. Since there is really nothing else for them to do, most people come. Well, we asked Dan to come with us and he said he would not come. It took some convincing but he decided to come. We don’t really understand what Dan actually understands and so he sat in the back of the room and drank his coffee while sacrament happened. Then, someone got up for a musical number. Dan started crying and talking about his wife and daughter. This was the only time this week that Sister Hathcoat and I were actually able to understand Dan, since most of his stories don’t make sense. It was super sweet to hear him talk about his wife who he clearly loved. It goes to show what true love is. Atleast it does to me.
This week was fun because on Monday, Sister Hathcoat threw her arm out of place while playing football with the elders. For a good portion of this week she has been drugged up with her arm in a sling. The best part is that people will stop us on the road and ask about it. Normally it is us trying to stop people. I guess there are small miracle with every trial 🙂
I have been thinking a lot about families lately. Probably because half my family is in Utah and they are having a grand old time without me. Or maybe it is because we go to the care center all the time and a lot of the residents don’t have family to visit them. It is such a blessing that our families can be together forever. My companion and I talk a lot about family with people who were are teaching. Take Dan for an example, no matter how confusing his story may be, the one thing that remains constant is the love that he does have for his wife and kids. Sometimes he does not remember how many wives and kids he has but that love for all of them is still there. Those are just my thoughts for the day..
I love you all!
Sister Andrus
1- We went cherry picking 🙂

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