Clowning Around

Hey Y’all

Okay, time for a funny/ terrifying story. Last transfer, Sister Hathcoat and I found out about the whole clown thing that is spreading across the country. There were sightings in Murray, around where we served. Since we are girls, and we spook ourselves out, I started carrying a stick around with me, especially at night. Well, some of the elders made fun of us for being scared of the clowns. Well, I am here to say that the clowns are real and the are freaky. How do I know? Well, Monday night I got chased by three clowns, up the stairs into a parking garage. It honestly was the worst moment of my entire mission, I was for sure I was going to die. We sat in our car for a while just trying to calm down, for sure they were going to come up and break into our car and pull us screaming and kicking out and then kill us. Not really, that extreme, but oh my lanta, it was awful.
Alright, on to other matters. We picked up a new investigator this week names Mareyma. She is from India and guess what? she speaks literally no English. She came to church last Sunday and somehow got the message across to someone that she wanted to know more. So we taught her a little bit on  Thursday and then yesterday we taught her the Restoration. Her boss speaks barely enough English to translate. But the Spirit really is the true teacher and she felt it. It was over all a very good lesson, and turns out she is actually Christian, not Hindi like we figured she would be.
I hope y’all have a great week.
Sister Andrus
1-2- Halloween at the Tree! (apparently I forgot the memo to hold candy in the picture)
3- my new zone, lots of sisters…
4- one of the joys of living in a barn is that horses come and interrupt your studies
5-6- what do we do when we get lost? take pictures! then call dinner to find out we are actually super lost… 🙂 I really am a good driver, I promise


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