Crazy Crazy Crazy

Hey Y’all,

This week was full of adventures, both good, bad, and crazy. But, if you don’t have any crazy in life then your life is going to be boring. That is my wisdom for the week, let us all enjoy the crazy in our life.
It all started on Wednesday when I had a doctors appointment. For some reason, we could not find the place I needed to be. Turns out we were on the other side of the valley of where we needed to be. The poor sister who was taking us was so worried that I was going to be late that she sped all the way to downtown. Thankfully, we were only 10 minutes late and not a real problem for anyone. After our visit, the dear sister with us kidnapped us and made us cupcakes for our dinner and in early celebration of my birthday. I really do like cupcakes and I especially like them when they are what we eat for dinner and later for a late night planning snack.
On Thursday, we went to the temple in preparation for our zone conference. Like always, it was an awesome experience. It always feel so good to be in the temple, especially when you are with the people that you care about. The missionaries in our zone are super awesome. After wards, we took a million pictures and then got told that we needed to go to the mission office to meet with our mission president’s wife. We were having training because by the way, the sisters in our mission are going up to Star Valley Wyoming to do the tours for the new temple up there. Sister Hathcoat and I are going to be leaving this Thursday and stay for until the morning of General Conference. It will be an awesome experience. So we had to have training on what to say and how to dress. Halfway through the meeting, my foot fell asleep so when I stood up, I almost died. But no serious damage there, except for maybe my pride.
On Friday, we had our zone conference. We had some exceptional training from our leaders. Our mission president said, “Success is not defined by baptisms and numbers, it is defined by not giving up.” I was thinking about that, it is such a true statement. It is important that no matter waht comes our way, we cannot give up. When trials seemed to be dumped upon us, we do not have to give up. In fact, we can become stronger as we face those trials.
I love you all,
Sister Andrus
1- I really like chocolate frosting
2- Sister Hathcoat almost fell on her head when trying to take a picture. She caught us all laughing and those are genuine smiles.
3- our district at the temple
4-5- our zone, before and after. we are all a little crazy.
6- at zone conference.
7- our companionship at it’s finest.


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