Debra Got Baptized!

Dear Family and Friends,

If you can’t already tell, Debra finally got baptized this weekend. I do not even know where to start, it was a fantastic baptism and the spirit was so strong. It was small because she does live in the care center and most of her friends are also in wheel chairs but we were able to transport some of them so they could support her. Here is Debra’s story, we sent this to our mission president after he came to our baptism.

Ever since she was a young girl, Debra had an interest in learning about religions. This led her to join the Catholic Church where she happily grew closer to God. One summer she visited her grandmother and saw a church building for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Ever since then, she had a desire to learn more about the LDS religion. In 1994, two male missionaries knocked of Debra’s door and brought the spirit and the gospel into her life. She felt the joy, hope and peace that the gospel brings. However, her family was against her joining the church and so she continued to do everything in her power to draw closer to her Savior. Over the next few years, Debra started to become bitter towards the church because she had not been able to join. At this point in her life, she lost the man that she loved, a loss which tore her heart apart. Many years later, her own health started to decline and she moved from California to Utah to be closer to her only son. She left behind her dying mother with no hope of seeing her again. After residing at the Rocky Mountain Care Center for a couple years, Debra met two missionaries and started to take the discussions. Despite the spirit she felt, Debra still had hard feelings for the church, and was not always excited to meet with the the missionaries. It was not until she opened her heart and remembered the feelings she felt when she met those two elders, that she found happiness in the gospel. Everything she was taught penetrated her soul and she knew she had found what she had been looking for all those years. She agreed to a baptismal date and was ecstatic to become closer to her Savior through that baptism. Unfortunately, the day before Debra’s scheduled baptism, she was rushed to the hospital because of an infection that was threatening her life. Not many hours after arriving, Debra was in surgery as the doctors fought to save her. Despite Satan’s strong pull, Heavenly Father truly had a stronger pull, and a plan for Debra. She managed to live through the operation, but the doctors had to take her leg. She again felt like she had no hope, as if God was punishing her for something by taking her leg. After her operation, she started to meet with Sister Hathcoat and Sister Andrus. They taught her the discussions and prepared her for the baptism that Debra knew she wanted. Again, everything she had heard brought hope, peace and joy to her aching heart. She chose a new baptismal date, but again she was derailed because of the negative comments from nurses and staff. They told her that if she was baptized, she would loose her other leg or her life. This time however, Debra knew she needed to stay strong and she continued to read her scriptures and pray until the day came that she got a medical okay to be baptized. On August 13, 2016 Debra Cecilia Adams entered the waters of baptism.

1- Debra after she passed her baptismal interview

2- Debra the day she got baptized

3- Our District Leader came to give a talk on the Holy Ghost and this was Debra’s reaction to the Spirit she felt.

4-5- The men helping Debra into the pool.

6- Debra bearing her testimony. (Before she got baptized)

7- Right after she came out. She was literally praising God as she came out. In fact she was almost choking on water because she didn’t take enough time to breath.

8- Debra and President Hillier. Notice the wrapping on her legs, it was the only way we could convince her nurses to let us take her to the baptism.

9- After baptism selfie with our district leader

10- Sister Hathcoat and I with our poly war paint, we had a luau with the stake and we were in charge of the war paint so we had to practice on each other.


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