Fire Alarms

Dear Everyone,

Let me start with a great story that just summarizes my life. Sister Hathcoat and I were asked to speak in two of our wards. Nothing wrong there, I like public speaking. We of course didn’t plan our talks until the night before. Nothing wrong there. Our first ward was fine, we talked about missionary work and how important it is to be sharing our testimonies with everyone. We then get to our next meeting. It was a homecoming and we were really just there to fill in time depending on how long the returning sister took. We had about 10 minutes left of the meeting and I stand up to speak. I talked for about a minute when the fire alarm went off. Very loudly! I had no idea what to do so I just kept talking until the bishop left and everyone started leaving. But then the stake president stood up and told everyone to sit back down, some kid had pulled the alarm. So I kept speaking through the alarm. They just turned the microphone up louder. This is not the first time in my life when the alarm has gone of while I have been in front of people, so I guess I just get used to it.
Nothing else really has happened this week. Transfers were crazy, half of our zone was changed and we got a new district leader.
Debra is still on date for baptism. We are getting some doctors to come in and look at her leg so we know how to best prepare it for her baptism. Oh! We have this other investigator names Paul. He is literally missing his knee and he had this infection that has a 3% survival rate. He learned this week that the infection is completely gone. He totally recognizes God’s hand in his life.
I love you all,
Sister Andrus

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