Gatorade and Goldfish

Hey Everyone!

Well, first things first, transfer calls came this week and Sister Hathcoat and I are staying together! We are super excited because there are some great things happening in the area and we are going to take up every opportunity we can to get people ready for baptism.
Speaking of baptism, Debra was not baptized this week. Her nurses and some of the other ladies in the care center told her that if she got wet, then she would loose her leg or her life. So that put a damper on the whole thing. We were able to have her pray about another date right there and she said she was going to get baptized on the 13th of August. We hope that Satan and her nurses stay away from her.
Oh, let me explain my subject line. On tuesday morning, Sister Hathcoat woke up dying. She started throwing up and was running a high fever. Our mission nurse told us to stay in that day and we did. The only problem was the next day she still was super sick and we were not allowed to go out until 6:00. We made our way to the care center where we were able to talk with our investigators. The only problem is that I started to feel sick and Sister Hathcoat had no energy. We somehow got home without dying. Thankfully, I was able to sleep of whatever I had and in the morning, we were feeling much better. Oh I never even explained the title of my email. People brought us tons of Gatorade because Sister Hathcoat was on a liquid diet and the only food I had was goldfish crackers. So that is what we have been eating all week.
Okay, one last super cool story. President Russell M. Nelson came and spoke in one of our sacrament meetings. His great grandson is leaving on a mission this week and he came to his farewell. It was awesome! He spoke about how we need to share the gospel because the gospel brings joy into people’s lives. He said, “Many people ask our young missionaries why they go out to serve. They might say, ‘Because it is a commandment,’ or ‘we want to bring peace into people’s lives.’ Those are excellent answers but it is all about JOY!” The gospel brings us joy, not matter what we are going through in our life. This world is crazy, I am going to share part of an email that my dad sent me this week. ” The gospel plan is that EACH PERSON use their agency to CHOOSE to follow Christ.  Coming back to the pioneers and ancestors…we each have a legacy of faith.  BUT…each of us must make our own choice to follow Christ.  and we must make that choice in order to have happiness.  we make that choice EVERYDAY in hundreds of small decisions.
Then…over a lifetime we have changed our heart from a natural man or woman to a heart that is in tune with Christ.  And we return to the presence of our father in heaven ALL TOGETHER.
You kids are living in a very evil world.  That situation will become worse and worse.  Be strong.  Be courageous and choose the right every time you have a choice.” One, I LOVE my dad. Two, we are in a world where we have to make hard choices everyday. But we know the right choice, we have to become closer to our Savior. We have to do the things that will bring us REAL joy.
I love you all,
Sister Andrus
1- did I ever mention how much I love this old man. This is Dan.
2- our last zone picture- half of our zone is being transferred or going home


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