Happy Halloween

Dear Everyone who reads


Well this week was exciting to say the least. First off, the interesting thing about online chatting is that we can teach people from all over the world. It is like normal contacting just online and the people come to you. Our goal is to get them to accept the missionaries and then we send the referral to the local missionaries. Well this week we started talking with a lady from Poland and she is super interested in the gospel but does not live in a proselyting area so we have permission to keep teaching her until we can figure out what to do. She actually lives outside of mission boundaries. How do we teach someone in Poland? Well we just figure out a time when we will all be online together and there you have it. It is an interesting process.
We had zone conference this week which is always fun. I love being around other missionaries and feeling their spirit. Our mission is piloting a new program and I have no idea how to explain it. Basically we are trying come up with a way to utilize the missionaries the best we can. So some companionship cover three stakes while others only cover a ward or two. Now that might not actually make sense it does when President Hillier talks about it. But that is not what I was going to focus on. We were all talking about how when more places like China open up for missionary work, we are not going to be prepared for the amount of missionaries needed. There might come a time when Utah won’t even have missionaries anymore and so then it will be upon the members to keep helping others come to Christ. It was a good thought.
I love you all, have a marvelous week!
Sister Andrus.
1- we went to the olympic park for our p-day activity Super cool
2- I don’t really know the person in the middle, but I looked cute at zone conference

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