It Has Been Fun

Dear Everyone,
This is going to be a little short because my companion and I have been all over the valley this morning going to doctors appointments and dentist appointments. I guess that is the joy of having an Andrus as a companion. Sister Hathcoat had a terrible toothache this week so she went with one member to the dentist and I went with another member to the doctor. Lots of fun, I always love the doctor…. sorta.
This week was pretty good. We were able to get a new investigator. He was outside sitting on some stairs and we just started talking to him. He lives right across from our investigator, Paul. When we told him that we visit with Paul, he said, “Well, if Paul is on your schedule, then put me on too.” So we did for the following day. Then we went by and taught him the restoration and as we were talking about the Book of Mormon, sister Hathcoat pulls out a Book of Mormon and hands it to him. He laughs and says, “Can you read minds? I was going to ask if you had one of those books.” He was pretty solid and then we had a zone meeting and our mission president talked to us about poaching other people’s investigators. For example, missionaries serving in home stakes cannot teach people who are YSA age and Robert happens to be YSA. We did not know until after that meeting and so we had to turn him over to the YSA elders Sunday night.
Other than that, this week has been really good. We have been getting some really good referrals but they never seem to home when we go by. That of course is frustrating but there is nothing we can do about that other than stalk the people.
I love you all,
Sister Andrus

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