Just One of Those Weeks

Dear Family and Friends,

Well, this week was just one of those weeks. To start, our investigator Mareyma did not show up to church this week and when we went to the restaurant to teach her, the door was locked and they did not answer our persistent knocking. That is always a sad thing, especially since we don’t have a number to call her or anything. Speaking of having no phone, we picked up another investigator names Chevy from Jamaica. She has no phone so we have no way to contact her either. Kind of an interesting problem, because we are supposed to follow daily to check up on their Book of Mormon reading for the day…. oh well, we try our hardest.
Tuesday night when we got home, I realized to my horror that I had lost my one and only name tag. It apparently had fallen off my clip and was lost forever. But then on Wednesday morning we retraced our steps and I found my name tag, and then I ran it over in the car in my excitement to pull to the side of the road. So now I have to wear a name tag that is taped together until my new ones come. I guess that is what happens when you are lazy and never order name tags until a year into your mission. 🙂
I went on exchanges this week, which was nice. The STL is a girl who came out with me and so we are at a very similar place in our mission. It was nice to be able to share experiences and goals with someone who understands.
I have been thinking about families alot this week. I love my family so much, I could not do this whole mission thing without their love and support. Also shout out to my college sibblings for making be cookies, they were super yummy!
I love you all,
Sister Andrus
1- Some one brought us pasta salad for dinner, I ate the pasta and she ate the salad 414

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