Kidnapping Investigators

Dear Everyone,

This week started off really good. Debra, who was supposed to be baptized on the 30th decided that she wanted to get baptized earlier so we put her on date for the 23rd. This is awesome because Sister Hathcoat and I have been trying this whole transfer to get a baptism to fulfill our transfer goal. So everything was going good and dandy. Her nurses knew she was being baptized and they were all okay with it. Then suddenly on Friday our world came crashing down around us. We were in the lobby with Debra talking about her baptism and a nurse overheard us. This is the following conversation…
Nurse: “Who is getting baptized?”
Hathcoat: “Debra, next saturday.”
Nurse: “There is absolutely no way she will get baptized. You will just have to cancel it…”
At this point Debra starts sobbing and Sister Hathcoat and I just stare at the lady. Apparently, they are worried that Debra’s leg will get wet and get an infection. Thankfully we have a million doctors and nurses who say that as long as we wrap the leg in plastic then it won’t get wet, and if they say the prayer outside of the pool she really only has to be in for like a minute. Not a problem. But Debra was so upset that we didn’t have time to talk to the nurses about all of this. The next few days we came up with a plan to help her. It may or may not involve kidnapping her… which was actually the plan that our district leader came up with. So this is how we end our Saturday night, planning on kidnapping our invetsigator….  Thankfully things changes on Sunday. Debra talked to her doctor who said that it was fine if she got baptized. So all our worry was really for nothing, but we just have to convince her nurses to let us take her out of the care center. As for right now, she is still on date for the 23rd. Prayers for her would be appreciated 🙂
On Saturday we got a call from our zone leaders. They were a little frantic because they were having a baptism in our stake center. However, they didn’t have a key to the font. By the way they are the spanish elders so they just hop from stake to stake. Anyways, they asked us to go over and fill up the font for them. Of course we did and as we were filling it up they showed up and told us they were having a huge party after the baptism in the pavilion outside. They wanted to know why there was a party being set up there. We had not idea because we are only the sisters. Turns out the elders had reserved the pavilion through the wrong people. Poor guys because they were just running around trying to figure things out because there was a funeral going on inside. We let them stress out for a moment before we helped them and ended up saving their day and baptism.  That might seem like a random story but it made me think a lot about baptism. It is so important that we help people get closer to their Savior, no matter how crazy the baptismal service. It is powerful when people get baptized and when they become truly converted.
Speaking of true conversion and converts, there is a sweet couple that got baptized in this area a couple months ago. They are from Russia and the husband has been working on blessing the sacrament. This Sunday was his first time blessing the sacrament. He speaks very broken English and he has been practicing for weeks to say the prayer. When he started to pray the Spirit filled the room and it had to be the most powerful sacraments I have ever been a part of. I don’t normally cry but I couldn’t help it. It was also super precious when he went back to sit with his wife. I have never seen anyone more proud in my whole life, she was just beaming. Here is the perfect example of two people who are converted to the gospel and how much they had been looking for the truth.
I love you all,
Sister Andrus
1- Dan the Man!! He came to church last sunday for the first time in a while.

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