Peaches & Water

Dear Family,

We got transfer calls on Sunday, and Sister Hathcoat and I are staying together!! We could not be more excited, this is Sister Hathcoats last transfer! I love this sister so much, she just gets me.
This week started out good, but then ended on a little of a sour note. On Wednesday, we went to the funeral of the dear sister who died last week. It was very tender funeral, I am grateful to have been able to meet that woman. Then, we went to a mission tour and learned a lot about having faith. Elder Curtis of the Seventy came and spoke with us. Overall, it was a fantastic meeting. Then, during dinner we got a call from one of Sister Hathcoat’s dear friends from a previous area she served in. They had just lost their mother to an accident. I have meet the woman once and have not met a sweeter woman. She is leaving behind a dear family, but they know they will see their mother again. Needless to say, we had a little bit of a rough time the rest of the week as we learned more and more about her death. Then on Sunday, we were sitting in one of our wards and the bishop stood up and announced that another woman had died. Again another sweet woman who faced many trials in her life, but remained faithful.
On to happier thoughts. There are tons of peaches right now, and a lot of people stop us and give us peaches and water. I love peaches and water, bother are very refreshing. Everyone was freaking out because we were supposed to get a cold front the other day. Sister Hathcoat and I thought “cold front, like it is going to snow or something” but no, they meant it was going to get 70 degrees. What? it was a lot nicer walking in 70 degree weather. Now, if only they had peaches when it was 100 degrees outside.
I love you all,
Sister Andrus
1- Our beautiful zone at the mission tour
2- Sister Hathcoat and I being extremely cute as always


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