The Week our Companionship Died

Hey Y’all,

This is a late and short email. Why? Well, we spent the day in the hospital while I had come test done. Nothing abnormal for an Andrus, just the usual. But, this week has been quite the adventure.
Sister Hathcoat had to have surgery done on her mouth this week. It was scheduled for Tuesday, but when we got there, the dentist told her that he could not perform the surgery because of the way her roots are situated. So we went to an endodontist who said he could do the surgery the next day. So on Wednesday, she went to the dentist and I went up to the doctor again. So on Wednesday, all we did was rest at home. Then on Thursday, she was in so much pain, and because of doctor’s orders we stayed in until 2:00. We then did as much as we could before my companion about passed out from the pain so we had to go home again. Then on Friday, she was feeling better but had to go get her stitches out. The stitches got stuck in her gums and she was again put into pain for the day. We were able to however go to our district meeting. Although we left early because she forgot her meds and was once again about to pass out. Saturday was better but then on Sunday, I was not feeling very good so we again had to stay in. But, we worked hard this week and picked up a new investigator.
Speaking of investigators, our investigator Paul is going in to have surgery done on his knee this week. So if you could all keep him in your prayers that the surgery goes well so he can walk again, that would be much appreciated.
I love you all,
Sister Andrus

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