This Week was a Blur

Dear Family and Friends,

This was one of those weeks when it was all a blur and I don’t know if I can pick out certain events to write about.
So here is a sad story. I failed to mention the saint who helped with Debra’s baptism. Her name is Robyn and she was in the care center for years suffering with MS and 3 different types of cancer. She really wanted to see Debra get baptized and she came to our lessons and she fellow shipped and answered Debra’s questions when we were not around. She let us use her van to transport Debra and others to the baptism. During the baptism, Robyn got overheated and very sick but she waited for everyone else to be taken back to the care center before she left. We found out on Wednesday that she had passed away in her sleep. Now that is very sad, but also very joyful. She is in a much better place with no pain. No matter what, Robyn never complained she also worried about everyone else although her pain was excruciating. It is a good reminder to all of us to be positive in the face of trials.
That is my thought for the week, and here are pictures to give you something interesting to look at. I love you all.
Sister Andrus
1- last week- after my procedure
2- last week – my companion at the dentist
3- our friend Matt, he got to go home from the care center this week.
4-7 – we had one of those days when you need to take a million pictures of yourself šŸ™‚

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