Car Wrecks and Transfers

Dear Family and Friends,

Well, before I tell y’all about where I got transferred. Here is one last story from Park City. So on the day of transfers, my companion and I were trying to get out of our driveway, which was very icy. We had the car packed and kept getting stuck. So I switched spots to try and get the car out of the snow. Sister Pierce was backing me and we were doing good until the car started to slid. I pressed on the brakes and I very gracefully slid the car into the house. From the look on Sister Pierce’s face I could tell there was some damage to the car. As I got out, I couldn’t help but laugh because the back fender fell off the car. Awkward……. but it is all okay, I got transferred, not my problem anymore.
Okay so I got transferred back to the valley to the Karen speaking branch. We work with a lot of refugee people. These people have already stolen my heart. I love them so much. We had a family get baptized on Saturday. They were three little girls and their names are Mwe Paw, Hser Gay Paw, and Way Ler Dah Say. They were on date for later this month but they asked us if they could get baptized sooner. They had been taught everything so there was no reason in postponing it. It was a sweet baptism. We couldn’t understand any of the talks because they were in Karen.
I love you all, have a good week.
Sister Andrus
1- the baptism! They are so sweet.
2- The car… not so sweet.


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