It’s Almost Christmas

Dear Family and Friends,

Well this week I had my first Karen dinner. It was yummy but then we ended up in the church bathroom throwing up. Was it the food? probably yes, I would say that it was. Did we eat it again when they offered it to us a couple days later? Yes, yes we did. no, we didn’t throw up this time.  Are they going to feed us some more? Oh yes, and we pray every time for our stomachs. It is always an adventure.
Oh my gosh are you ready to hear the biggest miracle! Okay so our investigator Maung Soe has a wife who said she would not get baptized although she has come to church every week for 8 years and she knows it is true. Well we started to teach Maung Soe and she would not come out for the lessons and then last week she came out for the first time and then last night she agreed to get baptized on Christmas Eve with her husband!!!!!! Oh my gosh I was so excited. Their family has changed so much and the spirit in their home is incredible, this is what being truly converted it. I am so excited about their baptism. I love this family so much.  WAHOO!!!
I love you all…. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
Sister Andrus
1-3, our Karen food… notice the green thing… it makes one sick

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